Wednesday, March 11, 2009

O.......o.....o......balik kampong

The night before departure.

Laptop, cables, phones, ipod, memory card, sunglass.

Gadgets for me to keep in touch with my friends.

T-shirts, shorts n wallet.

Cleansing(facial n body) so empty.


Do they look like ex cabin crew??

Boeing 737

Look at the seats, it is so colourful.


Harmony packing suit the MAS theme.

Our friendly cabin crew.
Do you know?
(MAS hv the best cabin crew award)

Welcome to Tawau.

Tawau airport.

Our first stop. (right after we touch down)


6.45pm, and they are still bargaining.

Day 1 Dinner

(To tawau of the best seafood), this is the
best restaurant in tawau.
Although the place is quite simple,
I was surprised to see the keep people coming in n out.
The restaurant is extremely popular with everyone including the rich and famous.

Fresh clamshells.

White elephant trunk.

XL tiger prawn.

Groupers family (all the pan family)

XL mantis prawn

XL size Oyster.

Lime, garlics, chili padi n soya sauce.

Garlic lime, tawau delicacy.

Lemon tea.

Fresh oyster.

Sabah "See chai choy"

Deep fried red grouper. (hong pan)

"Chew yim" style mantis prawn

Mantis prawn

Tong fong loh.

San shui tofu

White elephant trunk with glass noodle.

White elephant trunk with garlic.
Yummy..... n juicy.

Tong fong loh sauce.

Mantis prawn egg.

Red bean tong sui.

Tawau golf club


Tawau's idol.

'...AnW's World...'


Dana said...

Balik kampung is the best thing in the world~ though my kampung is in KL so no idea whether is good or not.

Enjoy your holiday!

anw4ever99 said...

KL is a shopping heaven....and there are a lot of nice hawker food in KL too. Tawau is a good place to stay for retiree. :)