Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The first night of chinese new year

As the clock struck 12am in the midnite
chinese all over the world are ready to welcome
the year of the Ox. After offering our prayer at home to
the heavenly god (Tee Kong) we will proceed to the
"Guan Yin" temple at Jln Simpang Lima roundabout and
it is one of the oldest temple in Malaysia. Currently, the temple
is under renovation.

Grand main entrance.
(Jan 26 @ 1.35am)

Burning is not good for our environment, but ppl still doing it.

Statue of "Guan Yin" at the garden.

Hand crafted painting of a dragon (symbol of heaven)

Devotees offering flowers as a symbol of blessing.

The god of mercy "Guan Yin" made from 24k gold

The crowd keep coming in although it is already 2:30am,

Hopefully, the god answer our prayers..... I want to take
this oppurtunity to wish everyone gong xi fa cai and have a bullish
year ahead and not a foolish year ahead....Gong xi gong xi

"...AnW's Worlds..."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

KKB Trip During New Year

Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor

Early Morning 7o'clock

Beautiful scence!!

Balai Polis K.K.B, it is one of the oldest building in selangor.

Our simple breakfast, b4 v kickstart our journey.
(Curry Laksa)

Nasi lemak with Ipoh white coffee.

Bee Hoon soup.

Yong Tau Foo.

Kampung house, it is so nice to stay there, so....relax....

Stress free scence.

Rule that have never been obey.

Stepping stones.

Natural flow!!

Natural draining system.



Good poser.



Bees n Butterflies

Looks scary?? dangerous alien...


Helping noobs.

Main exit

The Headmistress of Khing Ming

The end of the journey.

The first chinese school in selangor.
(more than 120 years old)


Modernise class room.

Yam Cha spot for students.




year of 2008

Poser, acting like confucius I

Poser, Acting like confucius II

'...AnW's World...'