Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Langkawi Trip

It's time to leave for Langkawi

Guess we are in which airport......?

2 noobs admiring the plane.

Airbus A320

Christopher Tan...

Paddy field

Look!!!!! the petrol station is still running after 15 years!!!

Hotel Lobby


Traditional dressing table.

can you c the "rezeki"???
Our room


Wooden balcony

The view from our room

Lamp post gal(Pretty P)


Traditional Art!!

Hantu thirst for wisky

Xando with stupid smile....

grasping for light

Xando with mabuk face

Kak Pekyee sedang menelefon chris

Lorong Seri

Resting after a hard day of work



Abang Yuan-Yuan

Look at the traditional huse!!!!!

Bollywood pose 1.

Bollywood pose 2..

Bollywood pose 3...

'...AnW's World...'