Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You Chris....Tan Rainbow

Original and Black paper flavour.

Cod-fish skin

Look crispy??

Rainbow Tan....Chris...

'...Anw's World...'

Monday, February 9, 2009

KS trip

Short makan trip at kuala selangor.

Fish is busy checking out the new hp.

Choo Ling Ling in pink, she like pink all the time,
because she think pink can make her sexy.

Fish tak bersabar-sabar waiting for the food to be serve.

Our so call "tori" gang

Fried Oyster cake. the oyster!! It is so fresh n juicy


Kam Hiong crabs

Seafood Porridge.

C....inside the porridge got big prawns, crabs n fish.

Fried shark meat.

Clamshells platter.

Butter sotong.

PinkRed couple.

Fish eating fish??

Sorry for the poor quality of picture....last minute trip.....forget 2 bring camera along....;))))

'...AnW's World...'


CNY dinner at teluk gadong.

Right: Ker Xin, Pui Onn preparing the Yee Sang

Look.... so colorful..

qiqi...n her lovely parents

Yee ma, Yee Chong n two noob studying during cny

Pro......Gamer... ( so call)

Three of them tak bersabar-sabar

Loh sang....loh sang...loh tor feng san sui hei..

No lar..i'm too old to challenge you.

Fried yam leave.

Marmite chicken.

Steam tofu with egg.

Lala soup.

Butter prawns.

Fook, Luk, n Sou...

Steam "Hak Pam" fish, fully imported from sabah.

Everyone seem to enjoy the food.

Ng Kher Yih, He claimed himself to be the best
drinker in the family.

'...AnW's World...'

CNY day 7

Jugra makan trip during CNY

We are dining out at beggar's house

This is the famous jugra datuk temple. (Ham Sua Datuk)
According to local's, this datuk is the first sultan of selangor

Ready made beggar chicken in the charcoal room

Charcoal used to cook the chicken

Mud being used to wrap the chicken.

Charcoal room.

Beggar's house garden.

Herbal chicken soup.....

Fish cake

Oyster egg

Fried tang hoon

Beggar chicken

Stewed pork leg

Baked glutinous rice

Uhh......too full d....

'...AnW's World...'