Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 2

Day 2

At 8.30am in the morning v arrived at Sin Onn market to
have our breakfast.

Grocery store.

Kea Tuck Sek food stall. (Served fresh fish paste noodles)

Sarawak koon loh mee served with fresh fish paste soup. (soup below)
(I don really like the sarawak mee bcoz of the 'kee' smell)
(Rated 5 out of 10)

Hand made fish paste soup. ( Rated 8 out of 10)

Koon loh bee hoon served with fish paste. (Ppl here don really use thick soy sauce)
This bee hoon rated 8 out of 10. Sedap!

Freshly sliced sek pan fish.

Yee huak a.k.a fish paste.

Heong tai bee hoon. (Fragrant bee hoon)

Tawau famous San Sui tofu. (Tofu process from mountain water)
Very smooth and tasty. Must try!

The wet market here are very clean. (Very well organized).

Roast yellow skin chicken (Wong pei kai).

Chat seng pan fresh from the sea.

Around 20cm long mantis prawn. (still alive)

Most of fish weight 1.5kg and above.

They quarantine the mantis prawn inside plastic bottles
to prevent them from fighting with each others.

1 kilo for 4 to 5 mantis prawns.
U need to discharged the urine before u can cook it.

In the afteernoon. (Lunch time)

This young man give up his city life to sell mee hoon kuih in tawau.

Famous claypot mee hoon kuih.
(With the choice of fish paste or meat)
Smooth texture.

Smooth & thin texture.

Mee hoon kuih rated 9 out of 10.
The soup taste good too.
(Purely ikan bilis soup without ajinomoto)
They open from 6:30am to 2pm.

This young chap here age only 26 years old.
He wakes up at 4am in the morning everyday to
boiled the soup and make the dough.

You can find most of the banks in Tawau town.

You can find everything under 1 roof in Tawau town.

Tawau port.

Place for fishing boats to stop and Indonesian
boats to transport Indonesian back to their homeland.

Tawau vege market. (99% of the trader here are sabahan)

Most of the vege sold here are very fresh.

Sweet potatoes here are sweet and reasonable in price.

Sabah cili padi are extremely HOT!
It will make u sweat n burn ur tongue!

The chili's here are short and fat.

Melons....plenty of melons...

Tawau fish market. (99% of the trader here are sabahan)

Place to load the catch of the day!

Fish jetty

Fishing boat

Place to upload and download all the fish.

I think this sting ray fish is as big as a 15" inch tyre rim.

Rainbow colourful.....

1 in a million.....he must be very unlucky....

1 in a million too.....i think he must have forgotten his way back.....
GOVERNMENT should do something about it....the fisherman should release
it back to the sea.....Plz act fast before it get extinct.

Rumpai air.....i wonder how to eat this......Isn't the essential food
for the fish......Government plz do something to control the fishmen
from stealing food from the will harm the sea ecology system.

Omg the fish is more than 5ft tall.....
dunno can eat for how many months????
'Kao yi fish' (In chinese)
Excellent for makin fish paste.
Taste good with yong tau foo.

'...Anw's World...'

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