Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 2 Dinner

Day 2 (At nite)

Dinner venue at 7pm.

Auntie Ah Loo and family are very generous
to offer us a place to stay at their house.

You can see this at most of the restaurant
in Tawau.

Steamed "soh mei" fish.
(Near to extinct fish, they need 10 yrs to grow)
This fish cost me RM110 and it is only 1.2kg

Stir fried "pei pa ha" in chew yim style.
(This is probably the best prawn that i had ever ate.)

Yummy yummy! look at the meat...It is totally
different from the prawn that we had over here.
Fantastic taste!

"San sui" tofoo.

Crispy skin chicken.

Guinness stout pork ribs.

Sea cucumber, fish belly and etc in claypot style.

Yam leave. (From auntie's backyard)

1 of Tawau's signature food. Shandong "wor tip"
(Non Halal)

Wrapped with pork and vege.

60 cents per piece.

Freshly sliced raw "yee sang"

This is absolutely good.
Can compete with japanese sashimi.
We ate 3 plates of this....Trust me, u 'll
never forget the taste.
'...AnW's World...'

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