Sunday, August 3, 2008

One day trip to Sepetang, Perak

The only thing that can make me get up from my bed at 5 am early in the morning is only food. V start our journey at 6.30am and heading towards the north south highway to hunt for fresh and yummy yummy seafood. This time our destination is towards the north, guess what? It is Perak ; Kuala Sepetang. Have u heard of this place before? Curious? It is a small kampong somewhere near Taiping Perak, where the population of people there is less than 8,000. Mainly are Chinese teowchew. The food there are pure and no preservative…..truly kampong. They don't have fancy decoration and nice presentation on the food they serve but they serve pure and traditional food for their customers. Really satisfying……

Finally we are here!!!!!!
As wht i said earlier, remember? Not presentable but 100% fresh and tasty...

Special home cook shark fish curry. v high in omega. This uncle tak bersabar-sabar

This is the best hand made mantou i ever is crispy outside and yet v fluffy inside.

alamak...terlupa to take photo earlier.
look at the crowd (12:35pm)
Seafood porridge, untill today i also can't forget the taste. Really delicious!!!

Fishballs with glass noodles
This is mine, my seafood porridge n fishballs glass noodles
After 2 minutes

after 30 minutes

Traditional Malay house.
Outskirt Mansion

.No difference before mederka.
Did u know that this tree is older than u?

Does this root looks familiar??? Tongkat Ali?? no guess what? it is just a bakau root!! Is there anyone still working in this fire station??
look!!! it's sukarela fire station.. I don't think so still got ppl working here.evening we settle our dinner at sun mee foong.

fresh water prawns
hahahahaaa......besides ah xian, i'm here also.
This prawn is cook with rice wine, it's really special n very delicious....i find it hard to get at other places.
Oyster egg, diff from other seafoods restaurants.
Can u do two things at one time?? Posing while eating.
(sweet n sour pork)
for me this dish is nothing special, maybe this dish is not my choice.

Steamed SooN HocK Fish
Tomato crabs
Snowy fruit appetizer
Location Map
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