Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cheras steamed fish head n noodles

Economy and freshly steam fish head n fish head noodles soup @ Cheras flats.

The Boss is busy preparing the ingredient.
Look at the cooking equipment, a simple steamer only, but yet they can steam a very delicious fish.
Ying n Yang, Black n White, in ancient chinese philosophy it represented male n female. Simple shop
Simple stall

Fish head noodle soup with milk.

Look at the fish meat, it's really big and delicous.
This bowl of freshly fish noodle soup only cost me RM6.50
This is our main dish for today Steamed Soon Hock Fish Head

This plate of fish only cost me RM20 (for 2 person)

The fish just nice, not over steam at all, very smooth.........
Full of Omega 3

Fish oil...look delicious right!!!

We habis sapu, only bone left.
The owner of the shop.

Contact No. 03-9171 1117
Business Hours: 10.45am - 3.30pm Monday to Sunday (Closed on Tuesday)
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BeverLy's Secret said...

Ohhh~~ Those foods are luring...
In fact, M'sia foods are luring!!!

BeverLy's Secret said...

Also, thanks for loving my signature goodies :)

Andy said...

Nice blog. Waiting for you to share your next eating exprience.