Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bharat Tea House at Cameron Highland

Cameron valley

Bharat tea plantation

Teh susu sejuk

Teh susu panas (this is one of the nice tea at cameron highland)

Chicken pie

'...AnW's World...'


BB_hwiyee said...

very nice pic here
i will go cameron next month too
omg^^ i cant wait==

Katlyn said...

Lush green photos of tea plantations and some unusual angles of the Cameron Highlands hotel offers an interesting study.

BB_hwiyee said...

what u mean in PM?
may i know how much for u guys stay over night? u rent hotel or apartment?

BB_hwiyee said...
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:: yvonne :: said...

wow! u went to cameron too.. anyway, thx for stopping by my blog :) nice to meet ya

Xiu Juan said...

Teh tark + float also one of the best from Cameron Valley Tea House .. i miss it =)