Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paintball outing

Our destination Tanamera (sungai buloh) battle field

Selangor terrorist(copy from counter strike)

Planning tactic time

KPMG (Fei Fu Tui)

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. "It is war time"

Be prepared!!!!

Tmn Eng Ann assailant (Killer Kham)

See....!!! she is damn (Chun).

Our right wing shooter, Killer kham is so accurate even without N.S training.

Namely Killer Kham & Killer Fish our commander in charge.

Keep shooting.....non stop, guys better beware

Look gaya right??

From left to right: KCW (010), CKL (001), YUKA (002)& CLL (003)

Our mo yeng shau.... she can grab the bullet even though the bullet travel at 345kmh..... "aiyah pakai bullet proof baju buang masa sahaja"

"Let me demonstrate to u guys once more" FUYOH pantas ya....

Fish from bollywood said, " hi tai ke ho...i am the fairer version from banggol"

Hierarchy system..... from short to tall....

Look at our assailant kham(in victory position) S0 delighted! aiyoh apa boleh buat pertama kali menang ma...

Our battle field...

Too fast too furious..

Bye Bye...

'...AnW's World...'

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