Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to Penang

These are the photos of the food we had on our trip to penang.

Dim Sum fiesta at 6am in the morning, look at the crowd it is only 6am in the morning. Can u believe it? Penangites are so..........hardworking, no wonder got so many tycoon from there.

This is not even 1/10 of the Dim Sum that

we hv selected from the front counter.

This is only the starter.

More than 100 years old Kuan Yin temple.

Look at the structure, it is nailess. It show that our ancester is so much smarter than Us.

Penang Lobak!!! Yummy....delicious...
(Must reach before 2pm)

Penang Kun Lou Mee, look n taste different from what i have elsewhere.
(It is truly dry no soup is given)

Penang famous pandan coconut it taste really nice to quench our thirst. (must drink)

penang coconut man

special porridge, only can find in penang

our tour guide vs. hungry ghost

penang curry noodle (only available at night time)


look at the number of sticks that v manage to wallop in half n hour(really satisfy)

the tauke also bengan, he thought 3 days v never eat.

Guess what is this? something similiar to Dome? tak sangka it is a pillar.

'...AnW's World...'


Tricia said...

wei, so unfair..why no WanYee one..why no me..sob sob..

Chong Wee become the spokeperson of this penang food-hunting trip ar? pay him one ar?

BeverLy's Secret said...

I would be hungry ghost too when I'm back to M'sia...
miss all the foods so much!!!

P/s: Thanks for reading my blog! Yours are very interesting too~~

anw4ever99 said...

beverly's secret

Thank you very much for drop by my blog

anw4ever99 said...


Hahahahahaaa.........we are fren tak kira one...where got unfair? i will post it next time